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App Store and startups

July 21, 2010 by Prasanna

Take software updates. On the Mac, you have to add the Sparkle framework to get automatic updates for your app. On the App Store, that’s all taken care of for you. You don’t have to maintain an update feed or provide bandwidth for downloading the app.

Or take sales. On the Mac, you have to add Kagi, eSellerate, or some other payment processor’s library to your app and set up links from your app or web site to them. You have to add your own code to accept registration codes or whatever system you use to keep people honest. And the customer has to enter their credit card and other personal info for every single app. On the App Store, people already have an iTunes account and just press the Buy button to pay for your app.

via Felt Tip blog

When I wanted to develop part time, these are the exact reasons why I started development on the iPhone. You can worry about creating a really good product. Most of the stuff I take for granted on the App store is the killer in reaching customers otherwise.

And these reasons are as true today.

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